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Title:Unfinished Melody
Author:Aslan Loew
Genre:Game Soundtracks, Electronic
Comment:Just a lil' diddy I threw together at school.
Size:106 KB

Brake:   Very good

I have to say I got a wee bit bored with it halfway through the song, but, again, it's unfinished, right?
After saying that, I really liked what was going on in this piece. I know I've said this about fifty times, but "Nice Balance!" XD Really, I find with electronic songs, people will often ad too much to their song, so it's just frustrating to listen to, or there's not enough going on with some people.
I liked the intro, and the only suggestion I can make is to do with the drums. I think they could use some fretting about, but again,it's unfinished, right?
Anyhow, this was nice to listen to!

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