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Title:kiss from a 303
Author:nt/The Inorganic Project
Genre:Chiptune, Game Soundtracks
Comment:made in 2001, 1 sample only, looped mt2
Size:3 KB

Mastema:   Good

The Good : 2 minutes and 34 seconds (give or take because of the beat shuffle:111Bpm-155Bpm) weird if i save at 111 its 2:33 & if i save it as 155 it's 2:34 Brilliant. I loved the fact that you made all of the sounds with one sample. the effects you use say you know what you are doing. I could totally see this in an old school game.

The Average: just the sample it self
(but hey it's a chiptune right, so who cares)

The Bad: I want more variation on the percussion change it up at least once
maybe change the beat for 16 bars with the melody then roll it back to your four four
Also the lead gets a little repetitous, you can fix this with a little more efx, I would use the automation and change the madtracker channel efx one the lead
Other then that i dig it
and besides what do i know, Keep it up


D'mitri:   Bad

This is a good attempt at producing your first tune, but for a compo contest. This just doesn't cut it. It reminds of the days when the Commodore 64. Which is exactly what is sounds like. Also the tune is too repetitive.

snarkle:   Very good

Wow is all I can say. I defy anyone to produce a better tune with just one sample!


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