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Title:Ethno moments
Genre:Alternative Hip Hop, Easy Listening
Comment:try it !!!
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TOffe:   Average

I like the idea of this song. In some way you are probably right about this being hiphop, or at least hiphop influenced. Cause when I listen to this song I start to think of music from the "Fronda - Fortfarande Underjord" album. It has a bit happy and also relaxing feeling to it. But the mix of samples and technique could be improved. The hh playing at track03 stands out way to much. Also the kick and the sare felt like it wasn't really the type sounds to use in a track like this. More like a trance kick there in my opinion. A more warmer feeling to this track would in my opinion suit the track alot. Some nice fx to make the track less "strict" and better quality on the samples. But as I said I liked the idea with this song and thought it was quite cool. Average felt like the best choise here.

- TOffe

mikx:   Average

i must admit, this track seems a little odd for hip hop bit i guess after applying some vocals, probably it would sound completely different..

the beat is pretty weird and structure is also unusual, which i think is one of the bad points of the track- what i found unappealing were the breaks in odd places.

some things i liked are the subtle scratching in the right channel, and also the bassline after 1:20.

i guess the reason why i gave it a 'average' rating, is there really isn't anything in the track that stands out and grabs the listener's attention, but since its supposed to be hip hop, i'd like to hear some vocals applied and then review the track afterwards too.

good work anyway, there's nothing bad about the production, and the sitar and spanish guitar gave it a nice ethnic feeling- which assuming from the title of the track, is how it should be.

good luck in the future!

Vile:   Can do better

Well... Samples used in this song doesn't fit to hip-hop anyway, since they're more suited for trance... Well, the song could be more repetitive, since new melody everywhere is bad too. The overall idea is good, but I believe there are better songs in that style.

OVERALL: Not a very good song, it author must take it to heart and keep on tracking.

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