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Title:Song without title
Genre:Pop, Melodic Trance
Size:780 KB
File:Song without title.rar

Hoplite:   Very good

A absolutely loved this piece! A really good selection of sounds and effects fuse togethor to create a fantastic piece. My only criticism is that at 2:00, you bring in some strings which in my opinion are a bit too loud--quietening them down would be perfect.

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snarkle:   Good

Brillient melodies in this. There is a genuine melancholy quality to them. However, I would agree with Hoplight that a problem with this track is the strings; definitely turn them down! Apart from their volume, however I think this part does work very well.
I wonder if you have consider adding some vocals to this? That could add something very nice. I also have a few reservations about using VSTis straight in Madtracker. My feelings is that, at times, the sound can be a bit too simple and lacks a certain warmth and complexity. You are limited to using free VSTs and Madtracker's built in effects. Sampling off VSTis may work better in some instances because you can choose from any VST instrument, free or not, and layer and process them as much as you want. (Obviously there are problems with that approach as well; still it's a path to consider).
Overall though, this was really good.

DaniŽl S:   Very good

I defenitly like that song. I recognize a song in it. But it is defenitly a good song. The strings aren't to loud for me. It has something special. But one thing: If it could be a tiny bit longer than it was better. But if you continue to write that type of music than it will be great.


Peter Toth:   Very good

I love this song!

It reminds me of an old song from the 80s, which I think Don Johnsson (from Miami Vice) wrote... I used to listen to that a lot. If i knew the exact name I'd tell you.

the Iblit VST comes in really nicely, where it comes in. It breaks the monotony or silence or whatever you'd like to call it. It is well placed.

The only disappointment is that at Pos 10, the beat changes. This is a disappoinment because the flow is so nice up to this point, and then it is interrupted by this beat/rhythm change. When I'd expect the dream to continue.

And I like the volume of the strings. Really adds meaning; like it works with the emotion of the music.

Peter Toth

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