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Title:the goddam inside
Genre:Breakbeat/Breaks, Electronica
Comment:has a few strange moments...
Size:2400 KB

nXpected:   Very good

Technnically a very well done job. It has not very high quality but sounds very well. A very creative song:
That cuts at the end of some patterns and the use of arpegio on strings an voices makes me think that it has been composed thinking of someone/thing special for the author.
I would be better (for me) with a powerful beat and some lowpass filters on some parts of the song.

Meltic:   Good

I like the dirty sound I mean it's a "worn out mix" so what to expect :) The atmosphare is nice aswell, dark and lonley feeling to it. But I think the song could have been much longer and the end comes to way to quickly. You haven't used much of the fx's stuff (not a single routing) in this song but I don't really think it's of any importance, sounds quite good as it is now. Overall I like it, it's dirty and cool But it could be much longer

Iwe M:   Good

Nice song.
what can i say. well done.
only a little bit "boring" at eventually. can't find the right word for that.
grtz Iwee

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