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Title:Signum - Push Through (Futurespective Mix)
Author:Future Tribe
Genre:Hardcore, Melodic Trance
Comment:A bit hardcore'ish remix of one of Signum's best tunes.
Size:3190 KB

Dj Lummis:   Very good

Great melody!!!! It got stuck in my head right from the first time i listened to it. I think it is only on bad ting about it and that is that the basdrum is a little weak. buT GREAT JOB! // Dj Lummis

TNK:   Very good

Good sound, excellent melody, trancey, all it needs to be a great exemple of what madtracker can be used for.

The bassdrum (and the bass too) could have been a bit louder, but despite those (very) little drawbacks, I like this track very much.

In other words : A must have for any trance freak. Great work, Lauri !

Kamen:   Good

Nice job, sounds pretty good, the melody is fine, too. The only thing I didnt like is the samplerate of the most instruments, they sound a little rough on my home stereo.

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