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Author:Snake Plissken
Genre:Classical, Opera
Size:1680 KB

TNK:   Bad

Mystica by Snake Plissken - reviewed by TNK

Choirs and pianos, pads and other synth effects, sometimes even a nice guitar comes in. I guess this song is to be some laidback music one should play as background, as I can't find any distinct theme in this one. I think it could fit quite well into a movie, but as music just for music, I find this one a bit boring. However, the tracking is well done, the samples well chosen (even if they sometimes sound soundcard MIDIish rather than mod music alike) and it seems that the author acheived to do what he aimed to do. So it will be a ^ for me.

Hint for future tracks : try developping a more "catchy" theme (it mustn't be the next summer hit, but something that's more easily recognizable as a theme, this is true even for film music), because your technique is good, especially considering the (short) time you are into tracking.

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