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Title:Long moment
Genre:Soft Rock, Love Songs
Size:2200 KB

TNK:   Very good

Long moment by Synop - reviewed by TNK

Is this a love song ?

When I heard the intro, I was not convinced at all, but as the music went on and on, my love for this great piece grew more and more. The lead guitar may sound a bit synthetic but it does well in the song.

The song lasts for 2:20 minutes, a bit short I think, especially for a song called "Long moment".

The sounds used are original and sound nice, and the beat very well done, with lotsa cool retriggers. The mixing is clear and works well.

Another hit by Synop who gives us an original work, something between electronic music and eastern european folklore. We want more.

Best regards,


silas rye:   Good

I love the guitar part, and bells are good to. I feel the beat and bass arent strong enough(for me) but i really dig the bent guitar.

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