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Title:Dream Alone (re-edit by Pablo)
Author:Sonic and Destiny
Genre:Pop Vocals, Pop
Comment:Remix..All credits go to Sonic and Destiny, i yust re-editted
Size:4590 KB

TNK:   Good

Dreaming alone (Pablo edit) - reviewed by TNK

One of Sonic & Mariska's classics (their alltimes classic being "Project Stardust", a song I'ld like to find in it's tracked version one day) remixed, or rather rearanged by Pablo. Whereas the original is more dance oriented, Pablo turned it into a quite nice piano / accordeon / voice song. However, the piano work, while being as well made as the one of the original, could have deserved a more "senitive" work. It seems that no velocity (or velocity simulation) is used, and this matters a lot when doing a piano / voice song.

Besides this, the melody is still as magic as the first day I heard it, but credits for this should go to Sonic & Mariska.

So to sum it all up, it's a quite nice piece of art, "remixing" the original in an original way (rather than making it harder, it softens it), but I can't give it more than a ^ because it still is very close to the original.

If Sonic allows us to do so, I'ld like to hear someone doing a "harder" version of Dreaming alone, something I could use to set a club on fire, like with "Project stardust"

Best regards,


Solid Reptile:   Can do better

I was a bit disappointed when I heard this - Candlelight Version - remix of the great original by Sonic/Destiny

the reason why is because it doesn't really adds something to the original and it also contains everything that was in the original song but only a bit slower

I hope that I could explain it in a good and usefull way to the creator of this remix

have a nice day, and keep tracking

Solid Reptile

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