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Author:Snake Plissken
Genre:Game Soundtracks, Classical
Size:2047 KB

JiMbo:   Bad

I like it.....BUT,,,,,,,,

It seems to just be an intro. wheres the rest of the song?

I like it.....But I'm waiting for it to break out into a sick beat, with perhaps heavey instruments/samples (which doesn't happen).

A nice intro, but missing the rest of the track.


Snarkle:   Bad

Nice dreamy song. I like the vocal sample. Actually I thought most of the samples sounded pretty good and were well chosen although perhaps some of the loop points could be adjusted because there is some slight clicking. The steady guitar rhythm in channels 5&6 worked well. Not really much to say that's negative. Some of the samples such as the sax seem to sustain at the same volume for too long. The main melody is perhaps nothing outstanding hence the 'average' review, though it is certainly adequate.

(out of *****)

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