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Title:Just Relax
Genre:Soft Rock
Comment:Just sit back and relax.
Size:4620 KB

TNK:   Average

Nice try at doing some pop/rock music. This track however sounds like an older one (late 90's ?), and therefore more like an XM -> MT2 coversion, or even an attempt to convert a live pop/rock track in some tracked format.

While the melody is nice and the guitars work (but hey, it's a big sample...nice distorded guitar however), the drumline and the lead seem to be very light to my ears, and the overall song quite repetitive.

So to sum it all up, Il'd say this guy probably knows how to do nice music but is not yet an expert in turning his musical ideas into a tracker environment.

Hint : Download some of the best songs available here (for exemple, the highest ranked songs in the various MT compoes) and study how those producers managed to acheive their masterpieces. I learned to track that way, and believe me, there is hardly any tracker out there who did not start that way. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, my tracker fellows.

So don't give up because of this quite mixed-felling review, practice your tracking and I'm sure you'll go far. Good luck, and don't hesitate to mail some experienced trackers if you need some help. That's where the MT community is so great !

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