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Comment:My first Chillout try.
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Frans:   Average

This isn't what I use to listen to but, chill is nice.

Good things about this song is the tempo and cool samples. It's a kind of a bacis song and i like that.

There is two things that I think should change: Most important is the hihat, that it's in the 5:th line doesn't improve the beat it makes it sound weird. Second thing: when the string last for 3 whole tracks it's sound weird (in my opinion).

If the hihat were fixed I would rate this song Good.

TSP Justice:   Can do better

This song could really use some improvement. The chord-sample that is used is a pretty good stand alone sample, everything else in the song doesn't add anything. The beat is getting pretty annoying after a while. So you might want to use a bit more samples and diversity to put more depth into the song.

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