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Title:simple words
Genre:Down Tempo, Ambient
Comment:i kept the samples 16bit so that's why the file size ;)
Size:9600 KB

Inge:   Good

Sounds like: Chicane meets Boards of Canada.

A strong atmospheric track that would work excellent alongside a fragment of a movie or as the backgroundmusic of a documentary. Excellent choice of samples, vocals and drums, and proper balancing of volumes and dynamics.

The only real thing that is lacking are a few patterns that would leave the path of the main theme of the song to create more excitement for the listener. The song now starts, builds up and stops in the same fashion of samples and melodies, without any moments of surprise or amazement. Pattern 1a really made me happy, but the next pattern again is in the line of the rest of the song.

Thus, the rating is Good, with the sidenote that I would definately like to hear more of these tunes.

Copyright © 1998-2005 Yannick Delwiche
All rights reserved