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Genre:Lounge, Ambient
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(this is my real review for 'rain'. the incorrect one was meant for 'journey' - if you want you can still post the incorrect one for 'rain' and post that under 'journey' and delete the references in it to 'rain' - I can't as I've lost the review. sorry for the inconvience..)

This has a fairly strong Jean Michel Jarre feeling to it. And it sorted of reminded of me of cowboys and Indians. I wasnít reminded of rain, per se. I am not sure if JiMbo was attempting jazz here, because the instrument choice seems consistant with a jazz type tune, especially with the electric piano as the lead, the double bass sounding thing as bass, the ride cymbals, etc. This song seems kind of understated and modest. A bit like a an actor on a stage whose time it is to come on but just sort of nervously stands on the side, trying to avoid the audienceís gaze.
Itís not a bad song by any means but it doesnít leave me on the edge of my seat, but I guess this doesnít seem to be the aim of the song anyway.

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