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Author:Juanma Merino - nXpected
Genre:Progressive Electronica, Dance
Comment:135 bpm song combines strong bass and soft strings and sounds
Size:1020 KB
File:Juanma Merino - Yams.mt2.mt2

Inge:   Good

A quite simple, yet interesting piece of laidback house (Nalin & Kane - Beachball, anyone?). Nice usage of different synthesizers, and good melodies.

It's a pity that the composer of this song paid so little attention to the little things that finish a song. The crash and the clap are too loud, quite a few patterns are (almost) identical copies of previous ones, and some extra percussion and/or FX would not hurt the song too.

Nevertheless, a quite interesting song that does exactly what it should do, namely creating a relaxing (and almost summer-alike) environment for sunday afternoons like this one.

Frazze:   Good

+ nice mood
+ the bass
- the leads can't carry the song
- the crash is too loud
- maybe a bit basic...

This could be a great song, but I'm sorry it's not. To make it great it would need more beat variaton and thicker lead-instruments.

A weak "good" for me.

Willman:   Average

Drawn-out intros are good, but this one kinda stretches it past the limit. Once it actually gets into the melody and such, it is very nice. Definitely a dance tune, and to sit and listen to, but on a dance floor it would be much more inviting.
Dead-on average. No better, no worse.

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