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Title:Time Machine
Author:Future Tribe
Comment:Wannabe oldskool happy hardcore tune. Also kinda trancey.
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Fast, energetic and fluent acid trance track with - indeed - a heavy happy hardcore hook (although it would need one of those heavy re-used vocal oneshots, such as 'drop the bass' or 'here it comes' ;)).

The piano introduced in pattern 13 is rather depressing concerning choice of sample. Out of all the samples and instruments in this world, a piano is the last thing one should choose for the purpose it has here (namely an instrument to create a bridge). No matter how nice 1998-trance & 1996-hardcore was, these days are over. Period. The lead instrument in pattern 18 is much better, and atleast shows some own character.

The main theme itself is very nice: it flows like the Niagara waterfalls, and induces instant headnodding. I've witnessed the happy hardcore scene, so the song definately makes me smile.

The structure of the song is a bit vague. It doesn't really go somewhere, but mainly keeps twisting and turning. No problem, but the part that starts from 2A gives me the classic "I haven't got a single clue how to continue this song, but I do want to introduce another two minutes, so I'll just transpose the entire range of tracks and see where it goes." idea. If there is no added value in continueing a song from a given moment, then just don't.

Overall good. It makes me smile, it has a strong drive, and it flows really nicely. Can't you make a heavy distorted acid techno version, including rough 'n dirty 303's and an aggressive D.A.V.E. the drummer beatsection? Now *that* would make me smile!

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