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Title:Aurora Glade
Genre:Drum N' Bass
Comment:FTR exploring deeper into D'n'B :D
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Inge:   Good

Yay! Future Tribe, to my knowledge a trance addict, digs into deep and melodic chill out drum 'n bass la Good Looking. Aurora Glade sounds very good, flows in an excellent way, and lays down some beats and melodies that would work excellent in a Nookie / LTJ Bukem dj set. No technical flaws to be spotted. The bassdrum could be a bit deeper for more dance-inducing impact (this song would currently not work in a large hall, but only in small rooms), but no other points of critics concerning production.

The drawback is that this sound is getting rather outdated. Everyone was into this soulful drum 'n bass back in the 90's, but nowadays the spectrum of interest has changed. Consider getting Weapons of Mass Creation #2 (out on Hospital) (, which showcases the latest and greatest in drum 'n bass with soul, vibe, and funk.

Therefore: good, not very good. Please proof me that, apart from shifting from trance to drum 'n bass, you can also evolve in this style, and the next rating will be very good.

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