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Inge:   Good

Watergame is beautiful. It's the sort of overwhelming beauty that only classical music can give. Exactly one instrument (a harp), a varying rhythm (beware! it's not 4/4!) and melody (which flows into any and every direction), and an almost total lack of features (no automation, no fx besides a master reverb, nothing).

But it's amazing to listen to. The melodies are intrigueing and hypnothising, and can be listened in a loop for hours. In my case, it made me think back to playing 'The Battle for Olympus' on my good old NES back in the 90's. I don't know why, but any song that can induce memories to become alive again is definately worth listening to.

Nevertheless, I didn't rate it 'very good'. Some more nuances could have been placed on the harp (such as volumes, attacks and cut offs et cetera for a more genuine sound), and a longer song would have been very nice.

But please: more of this!

Hoplite:   Very good

A really amazing piece! There's such a variation in the melodies and Theo has used only one instrument, the harp, to awesome effect. I really enjoyed listening to this piece and my only wish, like Inge, is in the piece being longer. The work of a genius, Theo! Fantastic!


Smash:   Good

Wonderful piece, lovely progression, fitting end. Fun to listen to! Tastefully intrieguing 2/3 way through, inspiring an enigmatic yet delightful anticipation. Need say no more :-) Agree with humanisation factor but what the hell, great enough as it stands! Woof! Hugs and kisses for bringing this to life! He he he :-)

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