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Title:Chilling Rain
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Comment:Electronic Pop-rock
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A tiny, humble, friendly, open and melodic electro track that consists of nothing more than eight tracks, four instances of Synth 1, and one instance of Drumatic 3. Chilling Rain has an energetic touch due to the variation in beats and melodies, and the synthesized samples nicely complement each other. The final result lays somewhere between a chip tune, a 4 channel mod and 80's elektro.

The problem with this is its tinyness. It's all very charming that minimal tools have been used, but that goes on the expense of richness of the sound, variation in drums, and broadness of the composition. Old chiptune addicted sceners might disagree with me, but getting everything out of the possible seems like a more productive and successful approach towards making music than limiting yourself without any apparent reasons.

Therefore, Frazze, I advice you to challenge yourself. Your ideas and feeling for melodies are definately worth listening too, but the song as it is now gets boring too fast, and does not has that nice rich and overwhelming sound that keeps things interesting and appealing at both the 1st as the 25th listening session.

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