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Title:remember me
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andy:   Very good

I love chip tunes, the've got a great mario/sonic vibe about them and this one is no exception.
The lead, and overall mood is incredibly upbeat and cheerful, it would go well at the end of a happy film about a group of friends who fall out and become friends again, well something like that anyway, it would have to be in a more suitable musical style though.
all the chip tune essentials are there, the beats and the bass are spot on, the cheesy melodies are right as well and the harmonies are chiptastic (sorry).
it maybe repeats a bit too much, but its not fair to criticise a track thats so incredibly happy. nice work!



-M-o-V-A-J-:   Very good

Splendid chiptune!!
Amusing melody & rhythm.
I recommend anyone to download and listen it!! (and if you want attempt to do someone like this ...well... why not??)

Greetings to em22

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