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Title:Ode to trackers
Genre:Electronic, Easy Listening
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Snarkle:   Good

A very video-gamey sounding song. As an 'Ode to Trackers', that's pretty appropriate!
Interesting selection of VST instruments, most of which I hadn't installed on my PC or even heard of. One of them is 'Peach', which is based on a Nintendo game console sound chip. 'Toad' is a percussion synth which is also based on the NES sound chip.
There's nothing particularly brilliant about this, but it all gels together pretty nicely, which makes this song above average. The shuffle time was a nice touch, the drum beat is excellent, and the iblit provides a fat sounding bass line.
All in all, well worth a look, if only to see a few VSTi plugins you may not have seen before in action!


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