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Author:Dusss /
Genre:Melodic Trance, Techno
Comment:first song with VST samples
Size:500 KB

DJTiago:   Good

A breath of fresh air. Unique!!

Frazze:   Can do better

Ok some kind of Techno useing some of the basic elements: kicks, offbeat bass, sharp filtered leads, strange fx and moviequotes. It's not very original - the melody is the same as allways - and its not very well produced - The soundshape is not so facinating and its too repitative.

The delays are a big problem. You might want to look into that. The intro is pretty good though.

-M-o-V-A-J-:   Good

Melodic trance-techno??
well, I don't know, but, at least in spain, this song is "makina" stile. (like, ""hard"" techno).

In short word, GOOD GOOD, well doing mt2. I like so much this style ((but I can't do it, [[its a pity!!]] )).

·Good melody!! (I don't have words, jeje)

·USE MORE VST THAN SUPERWAVE!! I think, in this mt2, Synth VSTi, for bass string, would made interesting enviorment (only my opinion).
Listen "Chasis" music ((CHASIS>> one of the best "pubs" (discotecas) from spain, and from europe, I think, in where plays this kind of musik [and more] ))

Patch:   Can do better

I'm also from NL! Great tune, but... Where are the track effects? OK, it's your first song with VST, i don't complain, but you can do much better!

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