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Genre:Pop, Easy Listening
Comment:The Jollity girl!
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First the positives, and then what I percieve to be the negatives.
I generally found the module to be quite professional. It wouldn't be out of place perhaps in an oldish children's computer game (maybe perhaps a budget one ...) The composition itself is good, and actually quite skilled. The structure is good and the little variations here and there are well done. The use of the flute is nice. Also, in the track's favour, it *is* a jolly tune and creates a sort of happish tone, so the song lives up to its title.
Here's what didn't impress me too much. While I found the tune catchy - I couldn't get the tune of my head actually - I didn't find it catchy in a good way. Not that it was exactly annoying, but I can't say I enjoyed it that much. Also, I found this a bit boring. It is hard to know how to make such a cute sounding song like this very interesting, unless the melody itself is very compelling.
So overall, I would have to say this didn't excite me too much personally. But perhaps younger listeners would get something out of this.


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