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Title:My Number One (Oph Dance Mix)
Author:Oph/Helena Paparizou
Genre:Dance, Euro Dance
Comment:Dance version
Size:15250 KB

Frazze:   Average

A Remix of the ESC winner. The thing is pretty good, but its almost totaly made from loops. There are some programing that isn't like the bass (which at times is the bassriff from the song) and the banjo. But i don't think they realy fit in that well.

There are also a few looping issues. Sometimes you can with ease here where one loop stops and the next begins. (I know that looping is extremly hard)

The beat feels to weak to support the song.

I don't like this song that much in its orignal form but I've tried to keep a open mind. There's indication of a good producer here but this project is not so good.

Keep on Trackin'

Inge:   Average

It's a pity that a number of substantial flaws crept into this remix. The bass drum lacks significant strenght to really make it a dance track, the percussion (hihats and so forth) are lacking for the proper drive, the song structure is too boring and too flat (it just keeps continueing and continueing, lacking a real bridge or build-up), and sometimes the bassline is out of tune.

Having said that, the overall vibe of the track is truelly marvellous and very amusing. Maybe it's the good weather or the summer, but the hyperactive banjo and synth line are very, well, charming. I've never looked into the original track to find out how much own material was add to this track, but it's well worth the download to make you feel a bit more happy.

Oph:   Average

Thank you for the reviews!

I've extracted the vocal from The Song and its Karaoke Version via Audacious, made loops, and applied all of my happieness into the remix (via banjo and synths). I'm not professional, I did my best and my first. :)

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