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Genre:Rap, Punk
Comment:Rap+Punk 8-))
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Enigmatic Statement:   Average

A nice crossbreed between rock and hip hop. The result is a hard and very funky tune. I was in doubt how to rate this song. I wanted to rate it good, but the lack of technical execution restricted me from doing so.

I say so because some of the tracked stuff don't sound very good. For example the slap-hand bass in track 18. This could have sounded a great deal better if madtracker's potencial had been used.

Look at it this way though. If you decide to download this track (which I recommend) you will get a cool song. It even got a break with rapping in the middle. Yeoah, go ND, go ND!

It's a fact that the samples in this genre can be of mediocre quality and still provide a good quality result. If this were another genre this song would not sound this good.

The intro could easily have been done differently. The sample in track 12-13 is, to put it mildly, hidious. It's unfortunate that this sample gets to introduce the rest of the samples.

These songs are few and far between, it's a welcome change to the usual genres. This one will tilt your head from left to right, left to right. Check it out. But it's too short darn it.

Enigmatic Statement

Elijah:   Good

Love this song HATE that string sample... what the hell is that... other than that sample you have a wicked rock/rap combo herre (dirrty)
j/k it sounds limp bizkit meets .... some rap artist... anyway i really do like this song. the only thing as i said before was your sample 10..
so good stuff

D'mitri:   Average

It's different. I like the way it starts off. Nice intro, but that voice sound effect gets a little annoying.

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