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Author:Jan Martis
Genre:Trance, Techno
Comment:Options -> uncheck "Old routing". Thanks.
Size:2861 KB

Snarkle:   Good

This author achieves a very nice, full sound which is characteristic of other quality modules in this genre. The samples are all high quality and carefully choosen. You can hear all the details very well, even when there are a lot of tracks playing at once. I've tried to make tracks like this before and they never worked out as well as this one (which wisely I never released publically), so I can appreciate the skill here.
My only criticism perhaps is that it's a bit repetitive for my tastes. I could imagine this as (very good, admittedly) background music for a demo or perhaps for a horror movie, but if you're simply listening to this by itself, for me personally there's not a huge amount to maintain interest after a few listens.


Akira:   Very good

You did a really good job achieving a trance like sound. It had my eyes twisting around the room and staring at the wall thinking of a fantasy world XD
goodjob :p

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