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Title:Opus #1
Author:Paul Hardwick
Genre:Pop, Piano
Comment:The prequel to Opus#2 - more upbeat, enjoy! Opus#3 on its way!
Size:344 KB

snarkle:   Average

A fun sounding module, reminding me of summer, holidays, a day at the beach, etc. Piano is used effectively (not always easy in tracked modules); I have the impression that Paul Hardwick might play piano himself. The pianistic flourishes up and down the keyboard here and there are actually impressive to listen to. Drums are good, too. I liked the tamborine when it starts; the 16th notes really drive the rhythm. Other little touches such as the strings swelling in volume work well.
I can't quite make up my mind if the samples are good or not. They're noisy, they even crackle, but they bring in a sort of analogue vibe that is sort of welcome in this day and age of clean VST synths. Having some other instruments for variety could be nice. A guitar lead, let's say. I'd go so far as saying that this is a bit too 'sweet' sounding without a guitar; minus the drums, sounds too much like a commercial relaxation CD.
If I'd have to rate this, I'd give it somewhere between average and good.

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