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Genre:Pop & Rock, Electronica
Size:1600 KB

snarkle:   Average

+Instrument #8 Synth 1 patch sounds wonderful
+Piano + string melody which appears at some point sounds very good. It's not 100% original, but it's very pleasant to the ear nonetheless
-A slight lack of originality seems to pervade this piece generally. It's played a bit too safe for my liking. A concrete example; the arpeggio played by SW8 in track 1. This is starting to become a cliche in tracked modules!
-Drumatic VST. This is used to provide the drums in this track, but its stock sounds (which were never exactly brillient) are getting a bit cliched.

Overall, a solid track, but there was nothing that maintained too much interest for me.

Peter Toth:   Good

I seem to like anything Theo.

I like the tune in this. The tune, plus how the chords intertwine... I love it.

I wonder if i can add anything constructive, in order to get this review up on the madtracker page.

Here comes the piano + string part again. Reminds me a bit of how Yanni works his music.

What can i add that will ... hmm. Let's just see if this review ends up on the site.

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