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Genre:Electronic, Melodic Trance
Comment:uplifting melodic from israel...have fun...
Size:6650 KB

Pablo:   Can do better

Reminds me al lot of "Infected Mushroom",
track "Release Me". Okay some comment: The samples are high quality my congrats for that ! The song,the highhats and the snare are terrible as if they do not belong in this song. the rest is nice but rather boring but that is a taste thing...
It seems u use madtracker as a sequencer only while there are many features and VST's out there that would improve the tracking. Overall judjement: it's a song but it's over-sequenced.
Good luck and keep makeing music!

Snarkle:   Average

This has a nice clean, clear sound to it. You can really hear what's going on; always a good thing. The kick, snare, and hats work nicely together. The introduction is great and I liked the 'We're gone for a autosequence' sample. The bass sample is decent, but a bit thin and unexpectional. Some careful use of compression probably would have worked well to give the sound a bit more power. The filter swept samples are OK, but I think using a VST instrument for this would have worked much better. Oddly, some sounds aquit themselves OK filter swept but others don't - even when it's the same sample!
I noticed a few of the samples were doubled up unnecessarily. When uncompressed, this module is a 50MB, but using the clean up command in Madtracker it reduced to 9MB. Also, the module requires that you have the TC Native reverb plugin installed; I did not, I doubt most users would. I think it's better to stick to freeware plugins for released modules, or use MP Verb.
Overall, though I think there are plenty of things going for this module - I just think it would be much better with the aid of some VST instruments and effects.

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