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Genre:Drum N' Bass, Trip Hop
Comment:D'nB/trip-hop/easy listening
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Enigmatic Statement:   Good

Difficult track to rate. Parts of it is very empty and nothing much happen midways in the song. It can be divided into three main parts.

The first is dedicated to build up the mood. I must say that you really nailed the section between 1:45 and 2:45 sevenoeight. Fantastic flow and atmosphere. This is something you should have continued on. It's not used enough.

The second part is very empty and takes too much time of the 8 min. + this song lasts. Respect for the brilliant use of the beatsamples. The 9xx command is used frequently and intelligent. The only drawback is that you've had some problems on making it hit just right in some places. I.E, 968 instead of 967 etc. But the 9xx command isn't as precise as one would wish.

The last third of the song is in the same fashion as the first, but with a differend piano sequence and a couple of new sounds.

I think the song should have been a couple of minutes shorter. But cool basslines and excellent use of the beatsamples + more ensures a great listening experience. Good job!

Enigmatic Statement

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