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Title:Just Jump!
Genre:Techno, Dance
Comment:techno dance
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Enigmatic Statement:   Average

This tune got some good sides and some not-so-good sides. The melodies saved the song. They caught my attension with strings and a dark pad playing a nice sequence flowing along nicely.

But, unfortunately, a couple of annoying details played a big role. Where's the bass? Allow me to give an example. The transition from pattern 24 to 25 sounded way off. You'd expect at least SOME bass when a tune takes off. The bassline in Track 01 is not enough to provide sufficient pressure to a dancetrack. It's too thin. This feeling is all the more obvious considering the bassy pad playing just seconds before.

A second minor problem is the sounds of the strings. They are too sharp. A nice touch would be running them through a filter. This might soften the 'edgy' sound. Played alone they sound fine, but along with instrument 23 (somewhat similar) and hihats it strains the ears, meaning there's too much high frequencies.

Well, fix the bass and the strings and you have yourself a cool tune, because, as I said, the theme is nice and the beats are good.

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