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Title:deep in the hollow
Genre:Trip Hop
Comment:dark triphop
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Enigmatic Statement:   Bad

Excellent piece of music. The mystical and laid back atmosphere made me highly engaged as the song progressed.

An ambient sound with the synthesizer resonance (effect nr. 20) used to add a resonant scream introduces the song playing a set of chords. These chords changes later in the song using the 3xx command to bend the notes. The stereo delay/delay did much to make these sound better. I actually tried to turn off the stereo delay in track 9. Major downtrip!

What caught my attention even more were the beats. Very creative use of the snare, bassdrum, hats etc. Chimera did a great effort at bringing forward a diverse selection of beats. They change constantly, and with the fxx command (f03-f03-f06-f06 in this tune) providing shuffle. The retrig. command (e9x) is used in many cases on the snare. It's all very groovey and enjoying.

This song has A LOT in common to jazz. Some breaks are "strictly" jazz. For example the section between 3:00 and 3:20. The double-bass, especially, is a definate mood-setter here.

All in all it's a welcome change from the otherwise "mainstream" music spawning from computers around the world. It's always great to listen to some "different" tunes. This certainly is one of them. Download "deep in the hollow" and learn a few tricks.

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