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Title:Listen to the sound
Comment:Pumping trance
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Enigmatic Statement:   Bad

This is a song with potencial. However, some samples are used completely wrong. This makes for a very strange and non head-nodding, toe-tapping beat which, to be honest, turned me a bit off.

Some parts have a recognizable clubfeeling, which the bass in track 02 provides for. As the song progresses it becomes quite uninspired and made me loose interest. There's nothing new introduced from halfway through and out. The song should have been cut down a couple of minutes because of this.

More and better samples, creativity with the beat and basses would have made this review more positive. The song is not bad. It's lacking something to make it stand out from the masses. But I'm sure Macca can do better.

Do another one why don'tcha.

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