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Title:Safri Duo - Played a live (LtG remix)
Genre:Dance, Trance
Comment:A quite good but not a very original track
Size:7800 KB

Toffe:   Good

The first time i heard this track I played it in winamp. At that time I was sure Lightning had looped several pieces of the original track. But when I opened it in MT2 I noticed that this wasen't the case. This remix is a great track. You could play this at some club for me some night and I would probably not react. I miss some reverbe and filters and other FX. You are only using stereo-delay. Try to explore some more FX so you can use MT2 to it's max. The samples are just great and that makes the sieze of this track grow rapidly. The way you are using your samples makes the whole track sound more pro. The track ends up on a massive 7,5 MB. But don't let some Internet-time scare you away. I recomend this track for you all who likes trance. You wont have to be a fan of popular "radio" trance musik, you must have this one anyway.

Conclution: A great remix worth the time to download. More FX like reverb and this would have been rated Very good.

Good work,
I'm looking forward to your next track.

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