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Title:Go Get Busy (Fruitcocktail Remix)
Author:Carlos Papaya
Size:534 KB

Enigmatic Statement:   Can do better

Minimalistic song in the sense of sampleselection. What concerned me was that there was no bass present to give the song some pressure.

The song can be classified as Happy *Hardcore* (the song isn't that hard) which stroke me after about 1:10 min when a "2 Unlimited" like sound entered. The problem with this sample is that when played faster it fades out quicker than when played slower. There are ways to work around this, but a different sample should have been chosen.

One way is looping the sample, but sometimes looping a certain sample can be quite difficult. Another way you can avoid this problem, if you really want to keep this sample, is to set the volum-envelope to a falling curve so that when played faster it fades out equally fast as when played slower.

The song needs some power and more samples (a bass is something that really is need here). It's too empty and shallow. It kind of lies under the surface never to actually reach a point one can call a climax.

Go deeper Carlos Papaya. Madtracker can do so much better than this and I'm sure you can as well. Experiment with the samples you have chosen if you intend on doing a minimalistic track. This track makes the listener fade out after a while.

Enigmatic Statement

Teake Dijkstra:   Can do better

I'm sorry man but this is not Hardcore!!
You have 2 use more samples.
If I were you I would put some leads,fx and some synth f-ectz in2 my song wich would make it more interesting.
A little melody would make it sound better also...
I hope you will do this because it will hear better then.
Teake Dijkstra a.k.a.
"Da Epileptor"

Odda2k:   Good

I actualy think this was good.
It had that beaty feel, but not always..
Somtimes it was kind of tame, but mostly it was good.
If there were some more wh00p4ss beat drums this tune would be much better.

But don't get me wrong! I think it's good, but could have been better. Like the pitched vocals stuff to.. But that's not hardcore.. That's more like rave or somthing. :)

Well anyways... Keep it up!

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