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Title:The Ultimate
Author:Meltic StOrm
Genre:Club, Dance
Comment:Thanks to ZetesisAA for the webspace
Size:2630 KB

ZetesisAA:   Good

A well made melodic trance here! I like much the beginning: it snatches
you away from the chair and suddenly brings you into a typical action-game-tunnel-stage.
Catching arpeggios, rythm and background pads, a moment of breath and then explodes
into a pleasant airy melody, seasoned with a good arrangement. But, what is not convincing:
1) the piano used ( minute 1.54 ) is too faint. Must be warm and in foreground.
2) i feel the song needs a variation, instead to restart the same melodic theme after the piano
3) in some way, some samples dont fit well together. I mean, the amalgama can be better.
Most probably because I compare it with some pro-mix made in the studio, while I should consider it is however a mod. But if you want make music seriously, I must do constructive critics. Trick: always have a studio-recording of a song ( of the genre you want make ) as landmark when you compose. Play it and play your... play it and play your... try to eliminate the difference of deepness, impact, balance the mix as much as you can.
Meltic, definitely a good song. You are well accustomed with trance and I hear the tracking skill:). Also cool reverb. Am I a bit severe? but hope to help you:)

Zetesis Audio Adventures

stormboy:   Average

Nicely produced considering the low quality samples used.

Well arranged , but as for Trance the tune leaves little to the imagination as it simply parps out synth grapper
of which no melody enters the equation.

I like little more in the thought of the composition, even in Trance you can excel yourself and not just add another "fits-like-a-glove" sterotypical trance palava.

I would advise to write something, like i said, with more concentration and the actuall notes and make them compensate the music and make an original sound, you have a nice skill for arranging though.

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