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Author:Feeble Brain
Genre:Hard Trance, Melodic Trance
Comment:It's finished,orginal,friends like it ... so I can submit :)
Size:925 KB

ZetesisAA:   Very good

The track is well mixed, with powerfull samples. Enigmatic atmosphere, lets you think about a "genesis". Imagine a spinning DNA animation et similia... :)
Perfectly fits as demo music. Very good work. Tbe author has fantasy,
creativity and the tracking skill is
advanced. Something more as regard to
common trance trax. Expecially in the second part of the song ( min 2'.50'' ... ). Another good point is the lenght. 5 minutes are many if you make an annoying track, but here you dont feel the weight of the time.
The author is heedful not to make the song repetitive.

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