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Title:Social Outcast
Genre:Euro Dance, Melodic Trance
Size:1389 KB

Universe:   Very good

I'm not the best on making critics but.. Cause no one does it with this piece of art, Iíll give it a try :D
I like the song cause its very original, well structured and has a good flow.
The drum percussion is very well used: a lot of effects, variety and weird sounds(specially instr 0E: what the hell is that! :) ).
The track starts with a hard bass and goes onto progressive-dance sound afterwards. With a very warm entrance on pattern 01 and 25, the introduction theme reminded me Terminator 2 theme (donít ask why ). The lead instruments are very dominant on the track. The song doesnít get boring at any part; it keeps strong all the time.
Probably what I like most is the final theme on pattern 2B: itís a very kickass progressive-dance tune (for my opinion) and all the instruments joined together (pattern 2D) give a very good harmony .
Overall : 9/10 Recommended.
To the author: Keep on doing good tracks like this one!! :D . Regards.

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