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Genre:Trance, Dance
Size:1000 KB

Enigmatic Statement:   Good

Heavy shuffled, (groovey, (fxx command)) housey tune with loads of variation and hints of other genres. (I can't say which because I don't have the slightest idea where to put this song). If not very variative in the theme, then at least in the transistory and structure parts. Morphine^RBi didn't leave anything to coincidences. I can't remember having heard anything like this before, a plus for originality.

A couple of samples should have been finetuned. Not in the pitch. The offbeat bass (sample 14, track 14) should either have been run through a filter of simply had lower volume. It's too sharp and stands too much out in the song. Likewise for the ride. 2:20: I had a good laugh! A voice said: "We can't go to sleep" I thought it said "A hair for the soup"...but, anyways.

A nice bass-shift at 1:30 gave a surprising and effectfull change. I think this should have been explored deeper. The song tends to drift "straight forward" for too long. However, you could learn a thing or two by downloading this tune. Do so.

Enigmatic Statement

Mastema:   Very good

i totally full heartedly agree with Enigmatic Statement with everything except this...

The flute sample that starts playing in pattern 19 is too me too repetitive and takes up the entirety of the songs energy.

i however did understand the voice that said "We can't go to sleep," which i understand fully.

i wonder if Morphine RBI has thought about changing it up recently since madtracker has VST capability now.

i would love to hear it.

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