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Title:Collection of the fall (section 1)
Genre:Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:take two on c.o.t.f. , personally like this one more
Size:905 KB

TNK:   Very good

Collection of the fall (section 1) - reviewed by TNK

What's this ? A Sunbuster song without a review ?
I won't let this be any longer !
I downloaded the track, played it in madtracker turned out to be another Sunbuster alike song (this guy created his own genre in techno/trance music !), so in other words what do we have ? Top notch trance !

Wise use of synths (I love that Pizzasynth sample, what a delight with this nice reverb !) with lotsa cool FXs, pads & stuff.
The sound is, as always with Sunbuster, very progressive, both dreamy and suitable for the dancefloor. A masterclass module that should be compulsory in every decent Madtracker class (hey wait...are there schools with MT classes ?...nope ? That would be a feature to add to the educational system !)

The only drawback I could find in this song (as no artwork is 100% perfect, I had to find one) is it's repetitiveness, but this is not a flaw as it is clearly done on purpose (after all, it's trance music, and trance requires you to play certain patterns in loop to create the trancey feeling).

So if you are into electronic music (this must be the case of 99,99% of the people who are on, definitely get that ^^ rated song, and if you are not, download it to discover the wonderful soundscapes Sunbuster creates !

Excellent. As always with Sunbuster.

Best regards,


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