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Title:About Me
Author:DJ Primo (Gru-Gru Prod rmx)
Genre:Techno, Dance
Comment:techno dance
Size:512 KB

Enigmatic Statement:   Good

Very fresh and different tune. The thing that caught my attension was the rythm. The artist did a very interresting twist with the fxx command. f04-f04-f04-f04-f02-f02-f02-f02 in that order and looping. I really don't know what the result is called, but the beat sounded shuffled. This is a popular rythm in trance there days. For those who have heard "The Dark Side", by a Danish artist (I think) I don't know the name of, have this rythm.

The track is hard and very soulfull, but it's somewhat falling in between when a high in the song is supposed to occur. An example is the takeoff at the 2:40 mark which sounded alright, but I felt that the bass should have followed the synths and the other melodic instrument. It should also have lasted a psycle longer. The song ended too suddenly and the grand finale did as well.

The samples are good except for 07, 0E and 13. 07 and 13 wasn't looped very good and this can be heard in a couple of instances. The bass ,OE, were heavily clipped.

Check this song out, it's done with a different approach.

Enigmatic Statement

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