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Genre:Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:roll us a giant :)
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Sunbuster:   Good

I must admit, the beat got my feet moving :) Think this one was made with the clubs in mind. Both the intro and outro don't contain much more than
drumbeats wich makes it good for easy beatmixing.
hmm, I wouldn't categorise this one as progressive trance though, it's more on the melodic/basic trance side.

the good:

the drumbeat is good and interesting. It's a bit more on the simple side, but it works well in the mix, and that is what counts in the end.
Panning effect has been used well to give the track more width.
Not many different effects have been used, but the ones that have been used are used wisely.
The sample quality is good also, some of the samples could have used a bit of normalisation applied to them though.

The leadmelody is nice, but it's used a bit too often which leads to the track feeling a bit too repetitive.
Maybe making it a bit shorter would do the trick.

the bad:

The lead melody jumps out a bit too much, the rest is left in the background. This again makes it sound
like the lead melody was played in a separate room from the rest of the song. It somehow doesn't fit in, in other words.
Maybe putting a tiny bit of reverb on the lead melody would solve this, try to experiment with that.
It's not a big thing though, if you don't concentrate on listening to details then you won't notice anything.
It does make the overall sound of the track a bit flat somehow.

the conclusion

Overall the track sounds good, even if it has a bit of this basic trance song feel to it. It works well as background music though.
In the end it's a good entry in the melodic trance genre, and well worth the download.

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