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Title:Looking for my way
Genre:Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:A bit too long but it's my best song so far
Size:2600 KB

Sunbuster:   Average

First of, just because this track got a score of average from me doesn't mean it's not worth the download. Actually, I recommend the download if you're even remotely interested in hearing tracked trance music. :)

ok, let's start with the good things.

It's a great melody. To be honest, it has been a long time since I've heard such a nice melody in a trance track. It's very floating and dreamy somehow. (It brought back memories of older tracks such as Marmion - Schöneberg, Paragliders - Paraglide :) )
The beat is also nice, many small nuances that keep it interesting.
Panning has also been used very well to give more nuance to the melody.

About the track lenght, don't think it's too long. In fact it's just about the right lenght to keep it interesting.
Listening to the samples one at a time I first thought that some of the samples could use a bit less reso on them, but then I listened to the whole track again, and came to the conclusion that the settings used in the samples work very well in the mix. So no prob there.

Now, sadly, to the bad parts:

The breakbeat in the middle of the track (at about 5:30) should have been made using the same bpm as the rest of the track.
The breakbeat itself is nice, but the melody suffers big time by this slow down in bpm. (from 138 to 100)
This break could also have been a bit longer, and with some sort of buildup leading to it. As it is now it sounds a bit missplaced. It just appears all of a sudden, just to vanish as suddenly also. The first time I heard the break, I wondered if there was some program that had started to use alot of resources so that madtracker couldn't play properly anymore...

The last pattern is too short, the song starts over before the last sound has dissapeared completely. Setting the patternlenght of the final pattern to 160 solves that.

Finally, an optimisation tip. This has not so much to do with the melody, more with how Madtracker works.
You use alot of channels with Stereo Delay effects, many of them use the exact same parameters.
Instead of putting the same Stereo delay on every channel, dedicate one channel at the end (channel 30 for instance) to the stereo delay, and route all other channels that use the same parameters to that channel.


A good track, that sadly has a couple of glitches that keeps it from getting a very good rating. The glitches aren't many, but sadly so big that they destroy the overall feeling of the track.

To the artist: You definetly have the potential of a rising star. If it wasn't for the mysterious breakbeat in the middle of the song, and the sudden ending of the song (before all sounds have stopped playing), I could easily have given this track a rating of "good", maybe even "very good".
So keep up the good work :)


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