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Title:Mystic Peaks (2002 edit)
Genre:Drum N' Bass
Comment:progressive/jazzy drum'n'base ?
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Heiko:   Very good

one word in the front: DnB Songs are rare, so keep up your good work

The first thing I mentoined in this song was: The beat in this track is very good, a good use of Stereofx at the "Metalhit"-Sound, The Shacker+hihats - "a dream" and the
monotone Baseline gets ofcorse the Attack+Decay a good beamy sound, which
fits all together perfectly into that song and style. nevertheless has this song 150 bpm.
- Thats Rare -

The melodic part in this song is well done, the string-chords changes everytime by envelope,
so that a bass-noise arrives smooth, which comes from a HiPassfiltered string. the sounds of
the Melody are great selected. a fantasy-like flute and bells, wich have a good arangement.

one thing, that doesnt fit:
The Trumpet-sound is a bit too diagonally and chaotical set, and a bit too loud of corse: On Pos.19, where the trumpet begins, I shocked back a bit. it doesnt fit well in this song the arrange of it, or the sound itself should be smoother.
TIP: try out to make more use of the Flanger, or Filter-automations, to avoid such melodysequences like the trumpet

nevertheless is it a song, which you can hear for hours and hours
this song entices you into a Wonderworld
I like it = Very good

Andy:   Very good

Sunbuster - Superb my friend. Love this track.

One thing I don't like is the Sax, in theroy it works but it's the sample you used that let's this track down. Everything else sounds proffesionally produced then this electronic sax comes in, doesn't work.. But can with the right sound.

The strings are rich and the atmosphere is to die for. Congratulations on that alone. I think we all find it hard at times to get a good atmosphere going with a track - I know I do.

Sorry to say it, I'm gonna have to steal that "string1" sample.. It's cool !

Really good track man, made a change from the usual genre's we get here.


Inge:   Very good

Quite some time has passed since such a track entered this little musical shrine, and I'm most proud that it is made in Madtracker.
Mystic Peaks is a song of great strength, representing qualities which not that much other songs have. Sunbuster made a jazzy, laid back and very atmospheric intelligent drum 'n bass track, and did this in a very convincing way. The whole song displays a certain amount of cleverness & intelligence concerning structure, samples and methods to get and keep a listener in a certain state of awareness towards the song. Nice drum programming with good ghost snares and snare rolls now & then, amazing arranged & sounding string sections, bright little effects, very well suiting samples (both for the song as besides eachother) and enough variations due to the usage of new instruments (flute, trumpet and piano) are the key figures to it. This is
just plain excellent quality stuff.

Possible progress:
Small things which could be improved would be a more structural usage of the ghost snares at track 8; I sometimes thought that some snares could better be left out or placed 2 steps earlier or later.
Another fine snare roll or climaxing drum-snare programming at the end of a pattern could be put in to induce even more dynamics into the perception of the overall song.
The main downside is the trumpet which is introduced. It sounds, especially in the atmosphere the rest of the song breaths as fine as it can get, very synthetic and cold, while it should have more warmth and a more authentic feeling. Softsynths can't reproduce everything, and this trumpet is a good example of a limit. Search further for a better sounding trumpet-
instrument, or, and the song is really worth the effort, check if you can find someone to play the chords you need.
The piano might need some volume tuning; on my setup it sounded just a little too hard & harsh. Besides that I wasn't sure whether or not I could appreciate your programming of this instrument at the end of some patterns on positions such as 81 and 85, which gave me the feeling that some bpm-shuffle was overused. After looking the piano up I saw that you put the notes there yourselve, but this might be a point of personal taste.

Overall I'd say a 9 with reference to the tracking scene, and a 7 with 'the real world' as a reference. Get the minor bugs fixed, replace the trumpet and master this baby with some care, and you got yourself a song which you may be damn proud of!


Phundamental:   Can do better

You will say that its easy to criticise, but well here are few things I want to say about this track:
1. It's definetly NOT drum'n'bass. It's something in a chillout mood, well ambient I think describes this song best.
2. Percussion is really poor and incomplete and the drumkit is pretty standart.
3. The trumpet:))) not much more to say...

Good points:
Well sound levels are well adjusted and melodies are not that basic. The strings sound pretty cool.

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