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Title:Red Trance
Author:Dj Serotonia
Genre:Trance, Trance
Comment:The song overall uses a lot of CPU memory.
Size:1615 KB

D-aLiEn:   Average

********What I like:

1- I must say that the melody of the song is quite good and well structured.

2 - Most of the sample effects are pretty amazing but a bit strident (That goes for instr.0B :) )

3 - The bass (2E) and the violin-pad (32) sound very harmonic and clear on the track.

4 - The use of the channel effects are very diverse.

*******Here comes what I dislike:

1- The quality of some samples are very poor (especially the drum). If the drum sounds bad, all the song sounds a bit "filthy". Also the snare sounds to distort as a main beat. Try to use a clap for the snare, it will sound clearer.

2 - Probably a lot of monotony on the drum & percussion. Try to give it more notes cause its too repetitive (drums, snare, charles,...).

3 - Be careful with the excess of the channel effects. Not everyone has powerful computers :D

*******Conclusion: The song is worth for the melody, some samples and good use of some effects. So it’s acceptable for download :D

********To the author
I must say that you've got a lot of imagination on doing melodies and sound effects, but if you practised the percussion a bit more, you could give more good results for the song. Try to listen your song with only the drums and the percussion.
That helps a lot. Regards,

T-Bone:   Very good

This song is really an awesome one. It is a long time ago I heard a song that is as musically skilled as this one****

There´s no real chorus in the song, instead there are three different parts in it. The first one "starts" at 0:53, with a thick, melodic synth. Then the second synth comes in at 1:20 and they start to interact with eachother. At 2:53 a bellsynth starts to appear and thisone runs along the song until it ends. At the top of it all, there is a flute that plays the same melodie with all of the three choruses which have functions as a great accompaniment. In conclusion the structure of the song is a very good one, and it demonstrates a certain skill of the author. Also, the melodies in the song is something one shouldnt miss.

The rythm though, is not as innovative as the melodies. It is quite obvious that the author have focused mainly on the melodies and the effects (but still I wouldnt say that the percussion is bad). This might be something the author should think of, because there is a lot of people out there that value the drumsbeats more than the music in a song. Therefore, combining these fabulous tunes with some more "advanced" rythms would make the song a masterpiece. / T

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