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Title:Northern Lights
Genre:Melodic Trance
Comment:I use reverb effect You better download it if you dont have it
Size:698 KB

Wuzzel:   Very good

Very nice buildup-song, the reverb effect is splendidly used.
The baseline is soft, yet deep. Assisted by a range of extra sounds, the whole is a pleasant mixture of spheres, easy to listen to.

The melody doesn't really stand out, and in this song, that's a good thing. A hard melody would be to dominant in the song, this melody supports the theme, while putting it's own mark on it.

People who get the critic of using too normal samples for their drums or being stuck on the Boom-Tching-Boom-Tching thing, listen to this track!

To the artist:
I wish this song was a bit longer ;)

Mads Vestergaard:   Very good

A very well made tune by Universe.

If you are into Melodic Trance, I can highly recommend this awesome tune, which demonstrates the artists knowledge about the handcraft of writing true trance, using many of the right trance instruments, at the right places, with the right filtering, together with a perfect ramping through the whole thing. What more can I say? Get published! I would love to hear this at the discos.

The tune requires a lot of cpu power here, and you must have the reverb extension added to MadTracker.

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