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Title:Renesse's Revenge
Genre:Electronic, Breakbeat/Breaks
Comment:Pysj, eat your heart out!
Size:495 KB

Sunbuster:   Bad

Okey, first off, I'm probably not the right guy to review this tune cause breakbeats ain't my speciality exactly. But I feel this tune deserves a review anyway.

I'll say it right away, it's a tune that has to grow on you. When I first listened to it, I was a bit like "WTF is this?". But then I had it looping while I surfed the net, and suddenly I found myself tapping the beat with my feet :)
It's suitably long, and has enough variation to fill the about 4 minutes
it's playing without getting boring.

It's a childish tune actually, sounds a bit like something Aqua would push out if they wheren't busy making Barbie doll tunes, and if breaksbeats was their thing. This tune could also have been some soundtrack tune to one of those educational puzzle games, where some frog suddenly leaps over your screen and shouts something at you cause you think 2+2 = 5.

Sample quality is great, expecially considering the total filesize of the tune, and that samples are 8bit mono. Madtracker effects are used wisely and routed when needed. The mix is good also, using the stereo field very well.
Simply said, technically I can't find anything wrong with this track. Well, ok there's a slight static noise on one of the channels, but it's hardly noticeable.

Nothing more to say actually, just that it's a good tune and I can't do anything else than to rate it 'Very Good'. It's not something you throw into a DJ set at the club, but it's definetly something you play to your friends to light up the mood at a party, and it could even be something a
joyfull DJ would throw on the decks at a local pub to get all them drunk ladies, who are to drunk to follow a beat anyway, out on the floor.
Download it, and give it a try a couple of times before you throw it in the recycling bin, you won't regret it :)


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