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Author:Universe feat. Bex
Genre:Melodic Trance
Comment:This is my first melodic trance song with vocals.Enjoy!
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Sunbuster:   Good

Made me think of Kai Tracid back in 96-97 a bit this one. Actually, it's very much like the tunes you would hear on compilations back then.
Got a somehow happy, yet sad feel to it. (Controversial as hell, ain't it? ;) )

In general I'd say this track works well, do think though that it could have material for more than three and a half minutes. On the other hand, I'd rather hear a well produced short track that flows, then a track that forces itself up to 7 minutes and has nothing going on in it after the four minute marker is reached.

The vocals sound well most of the time, but they are maybe a bit too dynamic. Sometimes it's like they dominate the soundscape, other times you can barely hear them. Now maybe this is intentional, I don't know, but I think a bit more even volume on the vocals could have been better. The vocals are very much trance like, suitably wispering and yet clear (when you hear them). Nice, in other words :) I do however notice a couple of places where they seem to click a bit, as if some short peak played in them. It doesn't effect the general listening experience though, and I only notice it while I was basically disecting the tune. The effects are used wisely and with care, routed whenever possible to save on processing power. Sample quality is ok in general, guess some sacrifice was needed to keep the filesize down a bit. In most cases they where prioritised correctly though, the vocals being of top quality, and then samples that don't need that crisp sound, like the bassdrum, had a lower samplerate. The percussions though, could have used a slightly better quality IMO.

All in all, nice work. It's a tune that flows well, and it has potential. Worth the download for sure :)


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