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Title:Dejavu II
Genre:Easy Listening, Alternative
Comment:dejavu feelings
Size:534 KB

Sunbuster:   Average

The tune is full on right away, throwing out melodies at the listener. It's not very chill due to this, but it's a nice piece of easy listening anyway. The melodies are really nice, but they are all over the place all the time. I think at least one longer break from all main melodies, maybe just playing drums and a bassline could be in place. The way it is now, it gets pretty heavy to listen too (not so easy to listen to in other words), since the ears and the brain don't get a break from analysing all those melodies at any point.

I guess I could say the same about this song as a couple of people said about one of my tunes, the saxophone could use improvement, sounds very synth'ish.
The beat is nice, but the snare could use some working on. One, it has very little variation. Could use a bit more IMO. Two, it doesn't fit quite. I get this feeling that it's not in the same room as the other instruments. A bit of reverb could have helped there. The sax again has a bit too much reverb I'd say, which makes it sound as if it's played in another room also. The hihats I think could be a bit higher in volume. Otherwise the mix is pretty good.
The sample quality sounded good. Apart from that sax sample being a bit synthish, I have no complaints. Especially considering the size of the MT2.

But what really happens at about 3:20 into the song? That slowdown combined with an IMO very worn out (often heard) melodybit used at that point was so totally out of place. Ruined an otherwise good track. Instead of doing that weird break and picking up speed again, I'd rather just end the tune right there.

So, in conclusion, a good track. A bit hectic for some tastes maybe, a couple of misses in the mixing part, and one very weird thing in the end of the composition. You have the talent, that's clear, but why, o why did you put that final part from 3:20 forward in there? I was on the border to rate this track as "good", but this last bit so totally destroyed my mood. Now it's definetly on the "average" side, almost over to a "can do better". I'll rate it average though, since it was a good piece of music up to that one point.


Decat24:   Average

It's a nice tune. The problem I have with this is it sounds like something I would have heard off the Commodore 64. It just sounds like the author listened to a lot of old C64 tunes and tried to recreate it. Also the pace of the song when it slows down and speeds back up seemed off.

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