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Genre:Trance, Hard Trance
Comment:hard trance? not sure, but it's a bit faster than usual :)
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Inge:   Very good

Sunbuster has reached a level which the majority of producers in the tracking scene won't ever even see; most will never come any further than exploring their own skills (which results in an endless stream of songs which cover almost every style imaginable), whereas Sunbuster has actually made a distinct own sound. When I look back on his last tracks (Collection Of The Fall 1 & 2, Mystic Peaks & Find My Heart) a red line is becoming more appearant all the time. Although Sunbuster departed from the trance-scene, little of that can be found back in his work. Keywords are fluid melodies, perfect integration of both beats and music, intesting and without haste evolving structures and a huge atmosphere. His music isn't indulging in 'over-the-top-there-we-go-again' synths, but smooth basslines, ambient-like strings, interesting rhythm-programming and transparent sounding oneshots fill the complete spectrum of melody.

'Instinct' is the first song where I discovered Sunbuster's characteristics, and it's again a beauty in its own field of work. Again a slowly growing track which mixes ambient melodies, warm sounding samples, '4 to the floor' beats and keen programming to give a very good atmosphere for relaxation. One needs guts to compose music not around a leading melody, but around a feeling and an atmosphere. Sunbuster has this guts and the technical qualities to proove once more that
electronic music can contain emotions.

As for tracking, Sunbuster is another gifted user of Madtracker. Excellent use of all the possibilities which Madtracker offers, considered implementation of the effects and sober but good sample choice.

I reviewed more of his tracks, and I have always mentioned things which could be improved. I'll leave that part of the review behind; I can't find anything. I'd say, proove my wrong & download this track. Show yourself what the broad possibilities are for music which can be made in Madtracker, and which quality tracked music can show.


Fred:   Good

not to bad. as I can hear it on my notebook, nice samples and nice comstruction of the record

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